2024 Annual Work Programme | Highlights on the Differences With 2023 Edition


The article on the European Solidarity Corps 2024 Annual Work Programme provides insights into the strategic initiatives and priorities for the programme.

The programme is designed to empower youth and promote solidarity, aligning with broader EU strategies such as the European Education Area, the Digital Education Action Plan, and the European Democracy Action Plan. The document outlines specific policy priorities, including fostering inclusion and diversity, promoting environmental sustainability and climate goals, embracing digital transformation, and encouraging active participation in democratic life. It highlights the various grant management mechanisms, including calls for proposals, both general and specific, which are crucial for mobilizing projects and activities in line with the program’s objectives.

Our Main Highlights in Comparison With 2023

  • DiscoverEU

  • ¬†Key Action 1 Mobility Projects Budget
  • Sport Activities¬†

  • Partnership for Cooperation in the field of youth

  • Partnership for Cooperation: Small-Scale Partnership

  • Priorities in the field of youth: budget

  • Priorities in the field of sport: budget

  • Key Action 2

  • Youth Participation Activities

DOWNLOAD the 2024 European Solidarity Corps Annual Work Programme.


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