Adventure in NATURE is calling me! Prepare for it well by looking at Mountains & Memories – a booklet on exploring nature and a healthy lifestyle!

"Mountains & Memories"

This booklet is the result of the Youth Exchange “Mountains & Memories” hosted by SFERA Macedonia Organisation and held in Bitola, Macedonia in 2017. The project was created to encourage youngsters to use the natural beauties surrounding them. During the project, all participants learned new skills about hiking, preserving the environment, capturing the beauty of nature, map reading and navigating through different areas in forests or mountains, exploring different plants that can be used for tea, and lastly gaining skills about video shooting and editing. 

What can you find in the booklet? 

In the booklet “Mountains & Memories” you can find useful information about hiking, how to pack for a hike, how to make various knots, what kind of herbs to look for and may be used for tea, and how to prepare a blueberry jam. 

You can have a look at the booklet HERE.

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