If your nonprofit is based in Latin American countries, take a look at the ongoing advocacy grants funded by Open Society Foundations. The Latin America Program addresses rights and governance issues in Latin America and the Caribbean through grant making, network building, and collaboration with partners. They focus on supporting the nonprofits efforts to defend democracy and increase governmental transparency, protect minority rights, reduce homicides, and reform drug policy.

How to apply for the advocacy grant

One-to two-page letters of inquiry or concept notes can be sent to  [email protected].
Your letter should include:
1 A paragraph about your organization and its mission
2 A description of the project(brief summary of the main objectives and proposed strategies)
3 The total amount of support being sought for the project, and the proposed duration of the project.
4 The letters of inquiry can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese
5 There’s no deadline. The applications are reviewed on ongoing basis
6 Most noteworthy the Latin America Program makes every effort to review letters of inquiry within six weeks
7 If you have not received a response from us after that time, please assume that your letter of inquiry is not being considered.
8 Furthermore, only those inquiries that staff members consider will receive a response.

What types of grants do the Open Society Foundations award?

Every year, Open Society awards grants for a wide range of activities, everything from small project grants to general operating support.
In some circumstances, the organizations flexibility in how they use the funding, while in others situation, they can offer grants for specific projects. Even more, another type of grants is the one dedicated to individuals, rather through scholarships and fellowships. Even more, Open Society is able to make recommendations to the Open Society Policy Center for 501(c)(4) grants in support of policy advocacy (lobbying).

Profile of the organisations
Formally established organisations can access funding directly. Seems like the informal organizations or networks can receive grants through intermediaries (fiscal sponsors, fiscal agents). Each program within the Open Society Foundations has its own strategy and process for selecting grantees. Organizations or individuals whose values, goals, and work align with their strategies may inquire with the relevant program.

Search more calls here or read more about the program here.


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