Capacity-Building in the field of Youth



Are you a young person or an association that deals with youth work? Discover capacity-building opportunities!

Capacity-building projects promote international collaboration, fostering multilateral partnerships among organisations engaged in youth-related activities in the European Union (EU) and other program nations, alongside non-affiliated third countries in the Western Balkans and the Southern Mediterranean.

These initiatives want to boost global cooperation and policy discussions concerning youth and informal education.

Furthermore these are projects funded by the Erasmus+ programme and are recommended to all youth workers who want to improve their skills in youth work.

The goals of the projects

The capacity building projects have many objectives that are achieved through non-formal education activities and comparison between participants.

Particularly the main objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • Helping organisations that work with young people outside of traditional schools to become better at what they do
  • Encouraging activities that teach things in informal settings in countries that are not part of a specific program. In fact these activities are especially for young people who face challenges, and the goal is to improve their skills and get them more involved in society.
  • Supporting the growth of youth programs in countries that aren’t in the main program, making them better and more recognised.
  • Promoting the creation and testing of programs that allow young people to learn outside of traditional school settings in countries not part of the main program.
  • Helping achieve the goals set out in the EU Youth Strategy for 2019-2027, including 11 goals for young people in Europe.
  • Encouraging cooperation between different parts of the world through joint projects.
  • Making sure that non-formal education and youth work fit well with formal education and the job market.

The topics of the projects

Finally from the capacity building projects, participants have the opportunity to deepen themes such as:

  • political participation and dialogue with decision-makers
  • inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
  • democracy, rule of law and values
  • empowerment / engagement / employability of young people
  • peace and post-conflict reconciliation
  • environment and climate
  • anti-discrimination and gender equality
  • digital and entrepreneurial skills

Discover more about the initiative

For more information about this type of projects and the requirements to participate we recommend you visit the official website.


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