Citizens’App: Europe in your hands

An app developed by the European Parliament


Imagine the possibility to have Europe and all what you need to know about it in the palm of your hand. Now it is possible, thanks to “Citizens’ App”, an app for Smartphone that provides you with all you need to know about the EU. You will be always updated about events, initiatives, policies, projects…

The app, developed by the European Parliament, will give you the possibility to monitor EU work, even at a local level. 
As creators declare, it “records the achievements of the European Union, explains our current work, defines our future goals, and describes the European Parliament’s role in them

The app

It is quite easy to use, has a very intuitive interface and you will have the opportunity to personalize it as you want. In fact you can filter contents according to your location and to your interests, choosing among 20 different topics. It is also possible to search for events directly on an interactive map.

In this way you will get notifications every time something is happening around you or there are relevant news or initiatives related to the topics you are mostly interested in. You can add events to your own personal calendar, bookmark initiatives ad share them on your social media.

In the section “Europe and I”, you can get information about what are opportunities, for your passions, job and family. Furthermore, you can find analysis of the trends that will define the future of the Union.

Lastly, in the app you can even find dossiers about the most relevant topics, like immigration, environment and data protection.

Finally the app is available in all the 24 official European languages.

How to download the app

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app!

It is available both for Apple and for Android.


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