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The Creative Educators of Digital Arts & Culture is a project that took place for 24 months and which has collaborated associations from all over Europe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many cultural centers, libraries, universities for seniors, and NGOs in small towns and rural areas (referred to as “small CCS”) across Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Greece to cancel their usual events and activities.

This situation has particularly affected senior citizens, who often have limited digital skills and are at risk of social exclusion and isolation.

Despite organising digital literacy courses for years, local CCS institutions have struggled to achieve significant results.

In response to these challenges, associations from Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Greece have collaborated on a project to tackle these issues.

The project aims to help small CCS institutions engage seniors through online cultural activities, improve digital literacy, and alleviate social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The objectives

The project has several key objectives aimed at addressing the challenges faced by small CCS institutions and their senior audiences.

These objectives include providing innovative training and resources for creative educators, enhancing digital engagement, and promoting the dissemination of successful methodologies and tools.

In particular the main goals of the project are:

  1. Offer an innovative training program to motivate seniors to:
    • Safely enter the digital world
    • Discover online culture and arts resources
    • Be creative and share their work
    • Stay connected with others during limited social contact
  2. Create online tools for trainers and educators:
    • An e-learning course on assisting people with low digital skills
    • A web portal toolkit with resources and exercises for online cultural activities, and a “seniortube” for sharing work
    • Disseminate project results, including training methodology and online tools, across all participating countries and the EU.

The implementation of the project

The project completed a series of structured activities.

Four transnational partner meetings were held, including one online and three face-to-face meetings, to coordinate efforts and share best practices.

Additionally, a C1 training session was conducted to provide in-depth knowledge and skills to creative educators participants.

Further more the project included four national multiplier events and one international multiplier event to disseminate the project’s outcomes and methodologies, ensuring broad engagement and impact across all participating countries.

The results

The project achieved significant results aimed at helping seniors engage more with digital technology.

It introduced a new training program that teaches seniors how to use digital tools safely and easily.

An e-learning course was developed to guide people with limited digital skills in navigating the online world.

Additionally, a toolkit was created on the official website.

This toolkit provides various tools, resources, and sample exercises for online cultural activities. It also includes a platform called “seniortube” where participants can share their work, inspiring others to showcase their digital skills and achievements.

Do you want to know more?

The project has provided essential digital skills to seniors through innovative training and tools. These resources also make it easier for older adults to explore culture online and strengthen social connections.

Finally, to explore the project outcomes and access the developed tools, visit the project’s website.

Discover how these resources can support seniors and educators in using digital technology effectively and enjoyably.


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