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Erasmus+ call 2024


The Erasmus+ program started 36 years ago and has helped 14 million individuals with education, training, youth programs, and sports activities.

As we move into 2024, Erasmus+ is growing even more.

It’s making a difference in many areas and will keep giving students from schools, colleges, and vocational schools chances to learn in different countries.

Besides that, it also offers learning opportunities for adults, teachers, staff, and young people involved in informal learning activities.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the new Erasmus+ call 2024.

Higher grant level support on mobility

To address the challenges posed by inflation and to make sure that a wider group of people can benefit from the program, there’s a plan in place to boost the funding for travel grants.

Beginning in 2024, Erasmus+ will enhance the financial assistance provided to participants for their mobility needs.

This adjustment is particularly important because the rising prices and increased costs have made it more difficult for both participants and the program itself to operate effectively.

By increasing the grant levels, Erasmus+ aims to continue prioritising mobility while ensuring that participants can still afford to engage in its valuable opportunities.

Stronger incentives for green travels

Starting in 2024, the program will make eco-friendly travel the main choice, and it will give better rewards to those who travel using sustainable methods.

People involved in the program will be motivated to choose environmentally friendly ways of traveling whenever they plan a trip.

Additionally, more help will be provided for those who can’t easily access green travel options, such as those living in distant places, islands, or areas with limited train services.

To make things even better, there will be increased financial support for students moving between European countries for higher education.

This means that students will get more financial help for traveling in most countries.

Embracing EU values

The program will strongly follow European values more than before.

The new guidelines stress that those who benefit from the program and its activities must uphold important EU principles.

These principles include treating everyone with dignity, supporting freedom, promoting democracy, ensuring equality, following laws, and protecting human rights.

This commitment aligns closely with the values and rights outlined in the EU Treaties and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Support for Ukraine

In the Erasmus+ call 2024, the EU commission remains sure in its commitment to support Ukraine during these challenging times.

The program will persistently offer aid by addressing significant educational problems that arise due to the ongoing conflict.

Specifically, Erasmus+ aims to encourage more students from Ukraine to explore educational opportunities abroad.

Additionally, efforts will be intensified to combat misinformation, ensuring that accurate information prevails.

Furthermore, the program will actively work towards aiding the integration of refugees, providing them with the necessary support to rebuild their lives and futures.

A budget of 4.3 billion EUR for mobility and cooperation

Erasmus+ will keep providing more chances for people to travel and work together in various areas.

As it reaches the middle of its 2021-2027 plan, the Erasmus+ program remains focused on four main goals: supporting diversity and inclusion, promoting active citizenship, encouraging eco-friendly and digital changes, both within the EU and outside.

How to apply?

The Erasmus+ application process started on November 28th.

This includes opportunities like projects to build skills, partnerships for new ideas, teamwork in community groups, and other chances in education, training, youth, and sports.

For more information about the program and how to apply visit the official website


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