EU elections: become an Ambassador!

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European elections of  May 23rd – 26th 2019 are closer and closer. Do you want to have an active role in the campaign? Become an Ambassador of the elections!

More and more young people are in mobility abroad. How can they vote? Who will give them useful information? These are the main issues this project is trying to face.

“Erasmus Vote Power” and “GaragErasmus Foundation”, in a project co-financed by the European Parliament, are selecting young people who will be trained to get this role.

Who can apply?

If you are in a study or work exchange, if you are in ESC (or EVS) project, if you reside abroad, you can apply to become the Ambassador of your hosting country. Each EU Country will have just one ambassador.  

What will be your role?

The idea of garagErasmus is to “engage with the Erasmus Generation to raise awareness on the upcoming elections, especially focusing on how people currently in mobility experiences abroad can cast their vote for the elections from their host countries”.

In fact, voting rules differ from country to country, so many citizens don’t know how to vote while abroad.

You will be asked to organize an informal event, in order to spread what you learned at the training and distribute the material you will get.

The training

The training event, organized by the European Parliament, will take place in Brussels, on February 8th.The aim is to make of you “the main actors in the most important event for European Democracy”. Therefore, it will:

  • – provide you with an overview of the institutional campaign for the elections;
  • – give you essential campaign skills, related to communication and advocacy approaches.

The accommodation for the event is free and you will have a travel cap of 100 euro.

  Be fast!

You can apply until January 20th 2019, so be as fast as possible, in order not to lose such a great opportunity.

To apply visit this page, where you will find more information and the application form.


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