EWP Stats Portal: New Service to Assist Higher Education Institutions



The EWP+ Consortium has launched a new service to assist higher education institutions in identifying which tool and provider their partners are using to connect to the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) network. 

This programme, known as the EWP Stats Portal, aims to simplify the process of managing inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) and learning agreements (LAs) with partner institutions.

EWP stats portal landing page

Key Features of the EWP Stats Portal

The search tool is a fundamental component of the EWP Stats Portal. IT administrators can use the institution name, Erasmus code, city, and country to find their partners. This makes it simple to determine which tool and provider a certain partner is using, which is critical for controlling document exchanges.

Another useful feature is the ability to locate a detailed list of all partners who use a specific provider. This can be useful for two reasons:

  • identifying successful data transfers;
  • focusing on sharing IIAs and LAs with providers where successful exchanges have occurred;

The data in the EWP Stats Portal is derived directly from the EWP registry, which is the only reliable source of information regarding EWP connections. The EWP registry extracts information from files made accessible by each node in the EWP-network. This information includes data such as the system in use and procedures covered by each EWP participant institution.

The EWP Stats Portal will be gradually expanded with data and statistics in the near future, finally providing data on how the different nodes in the network operate.

Overall, this is an excellent resource for education institutions seeking to increase document sharing and manage collaborations with other schools. It offers a reliable and simple method for determining which tool and provider their partners are using, which is critical for managing IIAs and LAs and guaranteeing successful data transfers.


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