Increase your competencies in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management

Emotional intelligence and conflict management

There are many skills and abilities in which a youth worker should be equipped. One of the fundamental ones are Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management.

Emotional Intelligence

…is the ability to identify and manage your emotions, but it is also an ability to recognize emotions in other people. It is a unique capacity, the development of which costs a lot of time and energy, and above all a large amount of self-awareness work. But it also hard to imagine working with vulnerable groups, like for example young people, without having a clue about recognizing their emotions.

Conflict Management

Another essential skill when working with youth is conflict management. Divisiveness and conflict are a normal thing and they appear in many fields of our lives, for example online, in our homes, schools and on the streets. It is fundamental for youth workers to be able to manage conflict situations.

About the project

The project ‘Get Updated: Project for Professional Development of Youth Workers’ aims at improving the capacities of youth workers in the following key areas – emotional intelligence, conflict management and communication – enhancing in this way the competencies that youth workers need to have in order to be able to adequately respond to the needs and interests of young people and fully support their development and active participation in the society. 

The result of the project is the booklet ‘Emotional intelligence and conflict management’. It contains some experiencing methods and techniques to increase competencies in the areas of emotional intelligence, conflict management, and communication.

This was organized and hosted by FAYO FOUNDATION from the United Kingdom, in partnership and collaboration with ASSOCIATION FOR VOLUNTEERISM VOLONTERSKI CENTAR SKOPJE from Macedonia, as well as in partnership with:

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