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A very helpful resource is now available for NGO managers, particularly those involved with volunteering activities. Developed by The GloRe Network, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme, this new e-learning module is hosted on Canvas and accessible for free. It offers comprehensive training on effectively managing an NGO, providing leaders with essential strategies and practices to enhance their organization’s operations, sustainability, and impact.

Content Overview

The module offers the opportunity to learn more, through theoretical insights and good practices that will help to better understand the concept and to find inspiring methodologies and approaches.

  • Strategic Planning and Vision: learn to develop a clear mission and engage in strategic planning to guide your NGO’s actions.
  • Financial Management: gain insights into sound budgeting and financial planning practices to ensure sustainability.
  • Human Resources Management: attract and retain skilled staff and volunteers through effective management practices.
  • Governance and Leadership: build an effective board and invest in leadership training for senior staff.
  • Program Management and Impact Measurement: design effective programs and measure their impact through data analysis.
  • Building Partnerships and Advocacy: develop strategic partnerships and design targeted advocacy campaigns.


By attending this free online training course, NGO managers will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the potentials of their organization. Furthermore, the course offers the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive Training: covers all aspects of NGO management, from strategic planning to human resources.
  • Practical Good Practices: learn from real-world examples and good practices that can be implemented in your organization.
  • Enhanced Effectiveness: equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to optimize your NGO’s operations and maximize its impact.
  • Sustainability: gain insights into sustainable management practices that ensure the long-term success of your organization.
  • Flexible Learning: access the module online at your convenience and complete it at your own pace.

This e-learning module is a valuable opportunity for NGO managers to develop their skills and improve their organization’s performance. By implementing the strategies and best practices outlined, NGO managers can enhance their organization’s effectiveness, sustainability, and impact.

To enroll in the module and start your journey towards more effective NGO management, visit Canvas.


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