Online Course on Professional Development in Youth Work



Are you a youth worker and want to find out how to implement effective techniques for professional development in international youth work? Join this online course!

This online course is aimed in particular to youth workers seeking to improve their skills in international youth work. Participants can navigate the course at their own pace, exploring various ways to develop their professional competences.

Read on to find out how to participate!

Who can participate?

The organisation that will manage the course is in search of youth workers who are enthusiastic about advancing their professional development in international youth work. Also, the course is open to individuals worldwide, with a primary emphasis on the European Training Strategy and its linked competence model for those interested in international youth work.

The objective of the course

The main objectives of the course can be summarised in the following points:

  • Explore a practical approach to enhance your skills as a youth worker while in international youth work
  • Get acquainted with the ETS competence model for global youth workers and apply it to your practice
  • Use self-assessment tools such as skill development
  • Reflect on and improve attitudes and behaviours relevant to your youth work
  • Discover new methods and tools for ongoing professional development.

The structure of the course

The course has 7 parts:

  • Intro: Get to know the course
  • Module 1: Learn about working internationally using skills
  • Module 2: Understand the ETS Competence Model for global youth work
  • Module 3: Use tools to assess your skills and get a Youthpass
  • Module 4: Explore attitudes in youth work
  • Module 5: Understand the process of change
  • Module 6: Improve attitudes and behaviors
  • Module 7: Apply the competence model for professional growth
  • Closing: Reflect and evaluate

Each module has 5-6 sessions with interactive content on the Canvas platform. You’ll need 1-4 hours a week for each module.

In addition the course is completely free and will be conducted in English by three experienced facilitators in the field.

The webinars included in the course

Moreover, this course offers three webinars covering specific themes:

  1. February 12th: Recognising your own skills
  2. February 19th: Understanding Youthpass and the recognition process for youth work skills
  3. February 26th: Skills needed for future-ready youth work

How to participate?

Finally to participate you must register through the official portal of Salto-Youth.

The deadline is 29 January 2024!


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