Online Training Module on Strategies for Management and Cooperation in NGOs

Online training NGOs


Youth workers, NGO leaders, and aspiring social change makers now have access to a free and innovative online training module focused on enhancing management and cooperation strategies within NGOs.

The course, developed by The GloRe Network with the support of the Erasmus+ grant for Civil Society Cooperation in the fields of Youth, Education and Training, is designed to equip participants with practical tools and knowledge essential for effective NGO management and fostering collaborative environments. The training module can be accessed, for free, HERE.

Module overview

The online training module is structured around key themes and strategies that are crucial for the success and sustainability of NGOs. Participants will have the opportunity to discover more about different strategies and about how to effectively apply them in the workflow and policy of their own NGO.

The module analyses the following topics:

  1. The Importance of effective management in NGOs: Resource optimization, Goal achievement, Team motivation, Stakeholder engagement, Innovation and adaptation
  2. The Blue Ocean Strategy
  3. Appreciative Communication
  4. Collaborative Leadership
  5. Cross-Sector Partnerships
  6. Adaptive Management

Benefits of the course

This online training module offers a comprehensive guide for NGO managers and youth workers to develop and implement effective strategies for management and cooperation. By focusing on practical applications and real-world examples, the course prepares participants to make a significant impact in their communities and beyond.

Participants who complete this training module will gain:

  • Enhanced understanding of effective management practices.
  • Skills to foster collaboration and innovation within their organizations.
  • Techniques to engage and motivate teams and stakeholders.
  • Strategies to form and manage cross-sector partnerships.
  • Knowledge to implement adaptive management for continuous improvement.

To join the training, access the course at Canvas.

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