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Are you passionate about environmental protection and want to know more about the impact plastic waste has on our world? Learn more and discover the project “Plastic Pirates – Go Europe”!

With this project young people around Europe will take part in the European Research Area (ERA), a science initiative, which aims to monitor and address plastic pollution in rivers, beaches, and the ocean.

Since the initiative’s inception in 2020, over 7,500 youth from over 320 schools and organisations have volunteered to collect and analyse data on plastic pollution in Europe’s waterways and coastal areas.

The initiative

The initiative started in 2020 but in 2022, with funding from the Horizon Europe program, the initiative was growing even more.

In an attempt to identify the causes of the issue and increase environmental awareness, the association wants to initiate a sample program spanning the entirety of Europe.

The campaign will evaluate the sources and routes of plastic pollution.

The goals of the initiative

The Plastic Pirates will assist in achieving the goals of the “Mission Restore our Ocean and waterways”, particularly its goal to prevent and eradicate pollution in European seas and waterways.

In addition to serving as a model for the European Year of Youth 2022.

Important goals of European environmental policy are:

  • Under the Directive on Marine Strategy Framework
  • The Framework Directive on Water
  • the Air, Water, and Soil Zero Pollution Action Plan

What the programme is offering to young people

The program aims to empower students and youth to take action for the preservation and restoration of Europe’s rivers and seas by including them in research projects that spark their interest in scientific activity related to social concerns.

The actual sampling of plastic pollution in rivers, beaches, and oceans will be done by youth and students.

In order to help teachers educate students about plastic pollution in the classroom. The project also gives educators access to specialised didactic materials on the subject.

Discover more about the initiative

If you are interested in finding out more about this project, its results and future objectives visit the official website.

You will find many materials, information and events to deepen the theme of environmental protection.


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