Are you looking for participants and volunteers to join your projects? We’ve created a platform to help our partners out. is the new portal for youngsters looking for mobility opportunities. Here you’ll find open job positions, training courses, International Youth Exchanges, ESC offers, AuPair programs and much more. Joining the network will make you be able to publish on both our websites.

How can I publish on

It’s very easy, just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to publish on both our websites. Join the network, make it easy.

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in order to see your content published you must join our network. It's easy, fast, free and will keep us in contact. You'll be able to read all the other news from the EU world, stay updated and aware of all the petitions and available grants.

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Our News Room will read your Call just to make sure the content are in line with our publishing police and you'll be notified once is online. Please set as email subject "Call Y4E."

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