Report Green Inclusion: Nurturing Sustainable Development through Inclusive Practices



The increasing focus on environmental sustainability in the Erasmus+ Programme brings attention to the challenges faced by young people with fewer opportunities (YPWFO). 

The Seminar Green Inclusion aimed to explore the intersection of environmental sustainability and inclusion for YPWFO. Hosted by SALTO Inclusion & Diversity, the Netherlands Youth Institute, BIj and Jugend für Europa, the seminar aimed to start discussions on the meaning of Green Inclusion and find common ground between the two European horizontal priorities.

About the report

The “Green Inclusion” report presents a collection of inputs gathered during the seminar held in Amersfoort, Netherlands, from 15 to 18 November 2022. The report aims to spread the discussions, recommendations, and outputs to a wider audience, promoting research, training, networking, political advocacy, and more projects for young people. 

The seminar had 36 participants from 11 countries and focused on understanding the struggles of YPWFO and the barriers they experience in participating in green projects.

The report is structured in eight sections, each focusing on a specific aspect. You can read each section independently. The document offers solutions for organisations and projects to create further activity, strategy, and development.

Click here to read the full Green Inclusion Report.

The report encourages more organisations to address barriers faced by YPWFO in green projects and promote inclusivity and sustainability in the Erasmus+ Programme.


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