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SDGames is a training course created to provide meaningful activities for young people to learn about sustainability and Game Development as a way to encourage active participation in citizenship projects.

This project will take place from 02 to 08 of June, in Biar, Spain.

Keep reading to find out how to apply!

The project

SDGames is a six-day training course aimed at youth workers.

It features hands-on activities centered around sustainability and encourages participants to reassess their beliefs and actions.

The course delves also into specific UN Sustainable Development Goals related to the environment and utilises Game Development as a tool to enhance youth work and promote active citizenship.

Most importantly, the training will help participants improve their skills and understand how to keep activities and attitudes focused on sustainability.

The programme of the project 

The organisers believe that youth work can involve hands-on projects and actions that formal education might not cover.

Therefore, they are inviting 24 active trainers from six European countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal) to collaborate on the following:

  • Days 1-3: Getting deeply involved in the issue, including brainstorming, discussing, and agreeing on goals while learning about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), understanding challenges, and basics of making games fun.
  • Days 4-6: Developing an actual game together, finding practical solutions related to an SDG through teamwork and hands-on experience, and planning specific follow-up activities for after the training.

Also, if you need more info about the programme and the project in general you can consult the infopack.

The aim of the project

The training will use a mix of methods based on non-formal education, hands-on learning, and reflection. This will help participants:

  1. Understand how games are designed for specific purposes;
  2. Explore serious games using the Game Development Process (GDP) method;
  3. Learn how to adjust these methods for their own audience and use them in their local context;
  4. Become familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and find engaging ways to incorporate them into their work, particularly through activities led by and for young people;
  5. Enhance their skills by using the Green Competency Framework to make their tools more effective.

The costs

Erasmus+ programme will cover all the expenses regarding accommodation, food and travel for the SDGames training course!

How to participate?

Finally, for more information on the project and send the application, you must register through the official portal of Salto-Youth.

The deadline is the 24 March 2024.


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