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The Quality Label for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering certifies that an organisation meets the standards for conducting high-quality solidarity activities aligned with the principles and goals of the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps.

In fact it is mandatory for organisations wishing to participate in volunteer activities supporting humanitarian aid operations to have this certification.

Organisations seeking this label can choose between two roles:

  • The Support Role: it involves preparing participants before leaving, mediating between them and host organisations, and supporting them upon their return, as well as initiating projects and coordinating partnerships;
  • The Hosting Role: it includes developing activity programs for participants, offering guidance and support throughout their engagement in the Solidarity Corps.

So keep reading to find out how to apply!

How does it work?

Obtaining the Quality Label for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering involves a process managed by the Executive Agency.
Here there is an outline of the steps to get this quality label:
  1. Application: Organisations submit their applications to the Executive Agency continuously throughout the programming period;
  2. Assessment: Applications undergo periodic evaluation using criteria such as eligibility, selection, exclusion, and award standards;
  3. Award: Successful organisations receive the Quality Label, valid for the entire programming period and until the conclusion of their latest project;
  4. Monitoring and Reassessment: The Executive Agency monitors compliance and may conduct periodic reassessments to ensure continued adherence to quality standards;
  5. Database Listing and Portal Access: Organisations awarded the Quality Label are listed in a dedicated database on the European Solidarity Corps Portal, enabling them to access tools for partner-finding and activity promotion;
  6. Engagement: Using the portal, organisations can actively engage in partner search and participant recruitment, leveraging the visibility provided by their Quality Label status.

The quality standars

The European Solidarity Corps ensures high-quality volunteer activities through its Quality Label process.

In particular participating organisations must follow specific principles and standards:

  • Equal Opportunities and Inclusion: Volunteers are selected fairly without discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.
  • No Job Substitution: Volunteer roles should complement paid staff without replacing jobs or internships.
  • Safety and Security: Activities ensure safety for participants and respect child protection guidelines.
  • Quality and Inclusivity: Activities promote personal and civic development with recognition of learning outcomes.
  • Training and Agreements: Participants receive clear agreements outlining tasks and ensuring safe conditions.
  • Non-Profit Principle: Activities funded by grants do not generate profits or provide salaries to volunteers.

Who can apply?

To apply for the Quality Label certification under the European Solidarity Corps, organisations must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  • Eligible Organisations:
    • Organisations legally established in a programme country can apply for the Quality Label for the support role.
    • Organisations legally established in a non-programme country are eligible for the Quality Label for the host role
    • An organisation from a programme country applying for the support role can also apply for the host role on behalf of its branches sharing the same legal identity.
    • Groups of young people are not eligible to apply.
  • Duration:
    • The certification is valid for the entire programming period from 2021 to 2027.
    • It is subject to periodic reassessments conducted by the Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).
  • Application Timing:
    • Applications can be submitted continuously throughout the programming period.

Do you want to know more?

To apply for the Quality Label under the ESC Humanitarian Aid, organisations must submit their applications through the official portal managed by the European Commission.

Finally, for more information, consult the official website or contact the mail: [email protected]


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