To Be Heard Project | Empowering LGBTQI Youth

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The project “To Be Heard” focused on addressing the lack of visibility and representation among young people with minority sexual orientations or gender identities, particularly in political and media spheres.

It highlighted the absence of professional discussions and public debates regarding their specific challenges, leaving decision-makers uninformed and their concerns unaddressed.

This issue extended to youth in general, aggravated by political parties in the Czech Republic neglecting their needs during campaigns.

The project aimed to enhance democracy by advocating for decision-makers to consider minority perspectives when shaping policies.

It provided a platform for LGBTI youth to engage actively in civic and political activities, fostering crucial dialogues and ensuring society recognised and supported their voices and needs.

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The participants

The project engaged 30 participants from various regions of the Czech Republic, aiming for diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity.

The project focused on including individuals from smaller towns and villages, where LGBTI youth often face significant challenges.

Participants had opportunities to explore their identities, foster self-acceptance, and build confidence throughout the program.

They developed essential soft skills such as communication, argumentation, and presentation, alongside learning respectful communication and conflict resolution techniques.

The project aimed to enhance their understanding of the political process and provided practical experience with democratic tools.

The activities

The project aimed to achieve the objectives of Structural Dialogue by facilitating discussions between youth and decision-makers.

Through a series of educational workshops, participants initiated dialogues and develop plans to address personal issues or projects through engagement with decision-makers.

Each participant engaged with a minimum of 10 decision-makers through public events, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

The project compiled the issues, challenges, and needs identified by participants into a comprehensive Study.

“To Be Heard” served as a foundation for advocating the concerns of LGBTI youth to decision-makers.

Additionally, a social media campaign aimed to encourage greater involvement of LGBTI youth in civic and political activities.

The results

In conclusion, the project successfully empowered LGBTI youth and their allies to engage in meaningful dialogue with decision-makers, addressing personal issues and advocating for their community’s needs.

Through educational workshops and direct interactions with over 10 decision-makers each, participants contributed valuable insights captured in a comprehensive Study.

This initiative not only amplified the voices of LGBTI youth in political and civic contexts. It also inspired engagement through a strategic social media campaign.

Moving forward, the project’s impact continues to foster inclusivity and representation in policymaking, ensuring ongoing progress towards a more equitable society.

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Finally, to explore more about the “To Be Heard” project and its outcomes and access the developed tools, visit the project’s website.


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