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youth engagement survey

The new Eurobarometer survey shows growing youth engagement, with a majority (58%) of young people active in the societies they live in, and having participated in one or more youth organisation’s activities over the last 12 months.

The Eurobarometer on Youth and Democracy

The Flash Eurobarometer on Youth and Democracy, run in February and March 2022, shows an increase of 17% in youth engagement since the last survey conducted in 2019.

In addition, young people’s most common expectation for the 2022 European Year of Youth is for decision-makers to listen more to their demands and act on them, and to support their personal, social and professional development (72%).

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has reinforced young people’s conviction that preserving peace, reinforcing international security and promoting international cooperation is the very first objective of the EU (37%).

The next highest expectations are for the EU to

  • increase job opportunities for young people (33%)
  • fight poverty and economic and social inequalities (32%)
  • promote environmentally friendly policies and fight climate change (31%)

Voice Your Vision

The European Commission has also launched a new online tool, the “Voice your Vision” platform, to make it easier for young Europeans to make their voice heard. On this platform, Europeans can record their opinions and ideas for the future of the European project.

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