Boost your “Creativity through Fairy Tales”

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Boost your “Creativity through Fairy Tales”

Fairy tales arose with the advent of language and were transmitted orally for thousands of years, internally shaping entire communities. 

Not only for kids

Originally, fairy tales were not intended only for children, as it seems today. They were collected and transferred to the entire community, without division into children and adults. Fairy tales and fables are also a way of passing on traditions and culture of generations. That is why fairy tales have an extremely important message.

About the project “Creativity through Fairy Tales”

35 young people from 7 different European countries met in Slovakia for the project “Creativity Through Fairy Tales” – an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project which aims to use fairy tales as a means to improve imagination and creativity. 

The general aim of the project is to:

  • understand the place of imagination and creativity in our business and social life today;
  • work on the importance of improving individual´s creativity;
  • search for the origins of tales and find ways to adapt the tales again to our daily lives and to use them as a tool for creativity
  • create a “project tale” with the collaboration of all participants in our project
  • present this tale as a theatrical performance

The outcome of this project is a TALEBOOK, where in the first part you can find 7 national fairy tales coming from each partner country (Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia). In the second part of the Talebook you may find non-formal educational activities addressing creativity, which can be used in other projects or work with young people.

Euro Education Federation – Romania
Youth Eurasia – Turkey
VIBE – Slovakia
LOGOS – Poland
PRISM – Italy
University of Zagreb Erasmus+ Network – Croatia
Innoved Lietuva – Lithuania

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