COMETS Training Course to Explore the Values of Solidarity


Introduction to the Training Course

The ETS COMETS Solidarity training course provides an opportunity for trainers to develop their understanding of the role of core values in their training. The course is open to 24 participants from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries, as well as partner countries neighboring the EU. It is organized by Agence Erasmus+ France Jeunesse & Sport, with co-organizers SALTO Training and Cooperation. The working language for the course is English.

Benefits of Participating in the COMETS Training Course

The course offers an opportunity for participants to gain new skills, insights, and competencies that they can use to improve their training practices and work with youth workers from diverse backgrounds. Through the course, trainers will be able to:

  • reflect on the role of core values in their training work;
  • explore competence development on value-based education;
  • gain an embodied understanding of the importance of core values in educational activities;

Learning Outcomes and Objectives of the Course

The course will take place in France from May 15 to 21, 2023, and will focus on exploring solidarity as a value in training work. Participants will reflect on how different global challenges highlight solidarity and other core values and their significance in educational activities. The course is recommended for trainers who are active on the international level and have significant experience in developing and implementing international training for youth workers. The course facilitators will be Peter Hofmann and Snežana Bačlija Knoch.

Accommodation, Food, and Participation Costs

Participation fees for the course vary depending on the country of the participant. The hosting National Agency or SALTO will organize accommodation and food. Travel reimbursement may be available depending on the participant’s country of origin. For specific details, please contact the organizers at [email protected]

Overall, the ETS COMETS Solidarity training course offers a unique opportunity for trainers to deepen their understanding of core values and their role in training. Don’t miss this chance, apply by 19th February, 2023!


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