Do you want to reconnect with yourself again…? Unlock the emotional connection: Sensory Labyrinth Theatre as a tool for connection


Training Course “Invisible Power: Unlock the Emotional Connection” was a project promoting Sensory Labyrinth Theatre as a method used for creating meaningful relationships and building inclusive communities.

The programme included exercises inspired by Contact Improvisation, Theatre, Mindfulness, Sensory Journey and other techniques designed to awaken different senses, connect with the body and emotions and give space for exploring the meaning of a relationship with ourselves and the other. Participants went on a journey of reconnecting with their bodies and emotions so that they can understand more and respond better to the needs of the community, especially youngsters who no longer use their bodies as a primary source of information. The method is a tool for reconnecting with the physical part of self and relearning the importance and role of our senses in developing meaningful relationships.

Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is a form of a theatre where performers and audience share the journey of discovering and creating a community where trust, connection, solidarity, and creation are the key values. 

Read more about the method in the following toolkit HERE


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