BREAKING NEWS: The First 2021-27 Erasmus+ Deadline Expected on May 2021


The first deadline of the Erasmus+ programme 2021-27 will happen in the first half of May 2021: the news come from the Croatian National Agency.

The information hasn’t yet received confirmation, neither by the official channels of Erasmus+ nor by other National Agencies. However, the source is trustworthy, and the timing appears to be plausible. Insiders were already aware of the delays, due to the need of setting legal basis for a new program period. But so far official sources haven’t yet publish further rumours.

Erasmus+ Guidelines

Some of the expected news are about to go public. According to the Croatian National Agency, in fact, the program guidelines will be published in March 2021.

European Solidarity Corps Programme

It is still not clear, however, how many Erasmus+ deadlines we can expect to happen this year. Another rumour, coming from the same source, and that needs further in-depth analysis, refers to the European Solidarity Corps programme: apparently we will not find the action Jobs and Traineeships in it.

Official Source on Erasmus+ Deadline: Croatian National Agency

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