How to regenerate abandoned buildings?

regenerate abandoned buildings

A strategy to regenerate abandoned buildings

This manual includes a strategy that was developed during the project “Free Urban Generati-ON”, a Youth Exchange that took place in September/October 2019 in Caserta, Italy.  

It aims at:

  • Sharing a very simple strategy, based on 6 steps, to reuse abandoned buildings or areas for social purpose, and that can be easily reproduced elsewhere;
  • Sharing some of the methods that were used during the project;
  • Fostering the creation of a European network of organizations using this strategy and contributing to improve and implement it;
  • Showing the strategy that participants, using this work method, developed during the project for the city of Caserta.

The presentation was created by the participants of the Youth Exchange, while the more theoretical part of the manual was drafted by the participants and edited by Generazione Libera.
In the first part, it presents the general strategy and analyses each step of the strategy, explaining the way in which each step was developed and used during the Youth Exchange.

In the second part, instead, using photos and floor maps, it shows the strategy that participants developed for an area in Caserta. This second part wants both to be a presentation of our work and an inspiration for other young people.



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