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Working from home, remote working, agile working – you name it. With the pandemic affecting the whole world, home working has been in a rise. And it seems to become the break-point, taking over the past habits we are all used to. We can easily affirm that home working has become mainstream, and many organisations have started using it, and will never go back.

Today we want to share with you an interesting article on the matter, that comes from the blog Enplug. It displays 11 great tips to be more efficient and focused while working from home.

Remote working allows employees and workers to work outside of a traditional office. It lies on the assumption that works, to be carried out efficiently, doesn’t need to take place on a certain space.

Tips to be More Efficient and Focused While Remote Working

Most of us all, have already seen the advantages and disadvantages when remote-working. Try to point them out, it would easily come to your mind how many distractions we do have at home. At the same time, the beneficial effects are equally clear. Raymond Chiu of Maid Sailors sets out 11 great tips to help out all the current home-based workers.

To have a clue, it goes through:

  • Plan and structure your day;
  • Tidy up;
  • Remove unnecessary distractions;
  • Establish a dedicated workplace;
  • Use productivity tools and app;
  • Schedule regular breaks;
  • Utilize productivity apps;
  • Prioritize tasks;
  • Create a To-Do list;
  • Come up with your working hours;
  • Know when to clock out

Get the chance to know how to manage yourself as a remote-worker. To have a comprehensive idea of what each of these tips is about, please see “11 Great Tips to be More Efficient and Focused While Working From Home“.

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