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The Erasmus+ project “#RepresentationMatters”, led by Associazione No Borders, focused on the topic of the (mis-)representation of minorities in media, at a national and EU level. The goal of the project was to dismantle certain representations, creating new positive narrations of the minorities.

The meeting involved young people from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Romania.
First of all, participants analysed the topic of representation and misrepresentation, focusing on the themes of polarisation and hate speech towards minorities. Once the problem became clearer, we trained the participants on story-telling, helping them to develop a well-structured story, that became scripts for videos. Then, they started recording and editing the videos, with the support of experts.
This toolkit contains all the original methodologies created or adapted for the Erasmus+ youth exchange “#RepresentationMatters”, and that were successfully tested during the meeting. The methodologies focus on the topics of:

  • representation of the minorities,
  • polarisation,
  • storytelling,
  • video-making.

The Toolkit

This toolkit is thought as a collection of methodologies and ready-made activities to help youth workers and organisations in managing workshops and projects on these topics, both at a local and international level.

Download the Toolkit.

Open Space Foundation | Bulgaria
Oivanki Cuusamo | Finland
DOP – Dreaming Openly | Germany
Associazione No Borders | Italy
Mais Cidadania | Portugal
A.T.I.C. | Romania


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