SNAC | Strategic National Agencies’ Cooperation 2022–2027


The overall aim of New waves for volunteering is strengthening the European Solidarity Corps programme and putting solidarity at the heart of volunteerism. 

The project aims to become a tool to implement the recent council conclusions on the Mobility of Young Volunteers and Cross-Border Solidarity.

This will be achieved by a series of activities to strengthen the visibility of volunteering in the programme and foster the collaboration on volunteering and solidarity among stakeholders. Different activities will support the development of European volunteering and strengthen the cooperation in Europe and beyond.


  • Increasing the knowledge about the European Solidarity Corps programme and its impact
  • Supporting the knowledge exchange around European volunteering and solidarity
  • Advocating for better conditions for European volunteering
  • Increasing the visibility of European volunteering
  • Fostering the collaboration among stakeholders and strengthening the community(ies) of practise

Background and Needs

With the new programme generation starting 2021, the European Solidarity Corps programme has undergone a shift towards a pure volunteering scheme for local and international volunteering.

There is a need to explore the following questions together as a network of National Agencies:

  • What does the shift to volunteering imply for the community of practice?
  • What are the new trends? What are the risks?
  • How can we improve the conditions for different strands of the ESC (Individual, Teams, Solidarity Projects) and look deeper into complementarity of national and EU volunteering?
  • What is needed to strengthen European volunteering?

Find the all documents here.

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