TOSCA: Building Quality and Impact in European Solidarity Corps Volunteering Actions



The TOSCA initiative is a comprehensive program designed to provide organisation support and enhance the capacity of entities that actively participate in Volunteering Actions of the European Solidarity Corps. Its ultimate goal is to ensure high-quality and impactful outcomes for the projects undertaken by these organisations. By providing a wide range of capacity-building activities, such as training sessions, coaching, and mentoring, TOSCA empowers these organizations to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate their volunteer projects.

In this article, we will discuss the objectives and benefits of TOSCA and how it ensures quality and impact in respective projects.

Objectives and Benefits of TOSCA

TOSCA fosters a supportive community for European Solidarity Corps, building project design and implementation competencies while providing clarity and support.

TOSCA’s goals and benefits are as follows:

  • Increase understanding, awareness, and dedication to the European Solidarity Corps’ fundamental quality requirements;
  • Develop skills in the planning and implementation of European Solidarity Corps initiatives with a focus on quality;
  • Provide formal clarity and support for the program’s opportunities, guidelines, structures, priorities, regulations, and processes;
  • Enable people to voice critical issues and requirements and provide assistance when possible;
  • Create a supporting community of European Solidarity Corps organisations;

For more information about the topic, you can watch this video explaining what kind of approach TOSCA has in defining quality in European Solidarity Corps Volunteering activities.


TOSCA plays a vital role in supporting and building capacities in organisations to ensure quality and impact in respective projects. The program fosters a supportive community of organizations involved in the European Solidarity Corps, building competencies in designing and implementing quality projects, and ensuring clarity and support. By achieving its objectives, TOSCA ensures that the activities of the European Solidarity Corps are based on core values of solidarity and contribute positively to society.


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