A new portal for EU funded programmes

EACEA selection results KA3

The European Commission is phasing out the Participation Portal, in order to switch to the new “Funding&Tenders Portal“.

The new portal will allow all the organisations already registered to get an easier overall view of the EU funding, tender opportunities, grants and every other chance for taking part in a EU programme.

The change was due to the widening of the programmes that, year after year, have complemented the EU offer. It will be easier then for the organisations to browse among the opportunities, while not much else will change as for their assets already present on the website.

For now, the programmes on the Funding&Tenders Portal are 15. Some more are still to be uploaded, but the offer will be completed by the start of the next EU budget Period, in 2021.

How does it work?

Not very much will change – and anyway it will all be pretty gradual. Initially there will be a search box for the calls for tenders. Then it will come a time when procurement contracts of the European Commission will be handled paperless; finally, everything will be ready to switch to the new portal and officially turn out the old one.

It is still not sure if also the dissemination portal will merge in the new web page. For now, works are still in progress – here.


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