The available budget for the brand-new European Universities project will double, reaching up to EUR 60 million for the current call. The news came after the amendment of the Erasmus+ 2019 Annual Work...
Also the Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects will benfit from the amendment of the 2019 annual work programme for the implementation of “Erasmus+, released on 15 February. The total budget has been increased from 12.000.000 EUR...
The total budget for Sector Skills Alliances actions in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme has been increased up to a total of EUR 35 500 000. The additional funding is split as follows:
On 15 February 2019 the European Commission released some amendments of the Erasmus+ Annual Work Programme for the year 2019. First, relevant news: the total budget has increased to EUR 3,270,450,701 (over 250 million more than the...
The deadline for submitting European Solidarity Corps projects has been extended to 13 February at 12:00. The news, released a few hours ago, appeared on the webform for the projects.
The deadline for the presentation of European Solidarity Corps projects will expire on Febraury the 7th. Really a bad timing then for a bug in the website - but, apparently, it's exactly what happened.
Being able to unravel in the tangle of European funding possibilities may seem difficult and laborious, but knowing them helps every little organisation turn to the right direction when a possibility arises. Indirect funding
The National Agencies have been notified the breakdown by country of the allocations for the Erasmus+ programme and the conclusions are pretty positive. Taking as example the Italian National Agency, what we could see...
Due to some technical problems, the first deadline in 2019 for the presentation of Erasmus+ projects (KA105, KA205 and KA347) has been postponed to 12 February at 12:00. Many organisations have in fact reported problems...
The proposals from the European Parliament over the Multiannual financial framework for the long-term period 2021-27 have been released last 14 November - and now they're gaining ground into the maze of the European decision-making process.


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