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Organised by The Glore Network, the Erasmus+ training course “Remote Well” has brought together organisations from across Europe to discuss about the challenges of communication in international volunteering projects.

The project took place in Calabria, Italy and it was hosted in “Fattoria L’arca”, a farm located in Belvedere Marritimo.

Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants have worked together to enhance communication between organisations and volunteers, with a focus on optimising participant selection and project promotion.

This article explores the project results of the training course, highlighting the creation of a practical document that can be useful for organisations seeking to improve their selection process and the general impact of their international volunteering projects.

How to structure an interview

One of the outcomes of the “Remote Well” training course is a document focusing on improving the interview process, to make it effective and useful for the purposes of the project.

It provides tips and guidelines for organisations on how to conduct interviews that help identify the best candidates for their projects.

By following these recommendations, organisations can ensure that they choose participants who are not only qualified but also a good fit for the project’s goals.

This document emerged as a direct result of engaging activities conducted during the course.

Participants took part in interview simulations, where they encountered challenging scenarios provided by facilitators.

Divided into groups, participants took on dual roles, alternating between interviewer and interviewee.

This hands-on approach allowed participants to experience both sides of the interview process firsthand, gaining valuable insights into effective communication and assessment techniques.

By navigating through various scenarios, participants contributed to the development of these practical guidelines for conducting interviews.

This activity not only enhanced participants’ understanding of interview dynamics but also promoted collaboration and shared learning among the organisations.

Do you want to know more?

Are you part of an organisation and interested in finding out more about this topic?

The document is now available online for organisations to download and use.


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