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The EYE (European Youth Event) brings young people together, both in person at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and online. They come from all over Europe and even beyond to share their ideas about Europe’s future.

It’s a cool chance for people aged 16 to 30 to talk, inspire each other, and chat with experts, activists, and important people right in the heart of European democracy.

For this event, the European Parliament wants to find an organisation that will be responsible for planning, organising, and managing the outdoor activities in the EYE Village.

The EU Parliament will be giving money to support these groups’ activities in the EYE Village and make sure everything runs smoothly during the outdoor program.

So, keep reading and find out how to apply!

The main goals

The main goal of this announcement is to plan, organize, and manage the activities in the EYE Village during EYE2025. It aims to:

  1. Teach young people about European democracy, which is the basis of the EU, and show them how citizens and community groups play a big part in democracy
  2. Excite and involve young people as European citizens by giving them the chance to meet European decision-makers and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)
  3. Motivate young people to join in European democracy and be active citizens.

The outcomes of the project

The expected results of this call for ideas are:

  • Giving power to young people and community groups to work together in planning and organising the EYE Village
  • Making sure that the participants of EYE2025 understand how important EU decisions are for their lives and how it makes them feel connected to Europe
  • Motivating EYE participants to come up with ideas for Europe’s future and get more involved in shaping it
  • Encouraging EYE participants, especially those who face challenges or are part of vulnerable groups, to become more active in their communities and stay connected with the European Parliament.

Eligible activities

The outdoor activities should be planned together with young participants and youth and community groups to make sure they cover a wide range of topics and interests. This will help create a program that reflects what young people care about and gets them excited. The beneficiary will organise selection processes for youth and community groups and give them money to run their own activities in the EYE Village.

The activities will include:

  1. Category 1: A wide range of informal education activities led by young people for young people. These activities aim to create a diverse and engaging program led by youth, focusing on current issues, sparking discussions, and coming up with ideas and actions for Europe’s future.
  2. Category 2: A music program to add to the informal activities in the EYE Village. The plan should include music for at least 2 hours each day and at least one evening concert lasting at least one hour, featuring young artists (aged 16-30) who live in the European Union. In particular the music program should cover different styles and come from artists from different parts of Europe.

Locations of the activities

The location for the EYE Village, near the European Parliament, will be confirmed in autumn 2024. Right now, they’re considering using the same area as they did for EYE2023, called the “├«le des sports.” They might also use the parking lot near the swimming pool or even the nearby football field, along with the square in front of the new accreditation and security building of the Parliament.

Also, to make sure everyone can enjoy the activities, the organisation will spread them out across the whole area. Workshops will be in one place, and performances on a stage will be in another to keep noise levels balanced.

Who can apply?

This call only supports actions with one main beneficiary. That means only one organisation can apply for the grant. Applications from groups of partners are not allowed.

To qualify for the grant, applicants (and any associated organisation) must be:

  • Non-profit organisation;
  • Private legal entity that’s been registered for at least three years when they apply;
  • In one of the European Union countries;
  • Have no political ties;
  • Pan-European youth or community group.

To be pan-European, the youth or community group must officially represent the interests and shared values of members from at least 9 EU countries (a network).

Do you want to know more?

Are you part of an organisation and would you like to apply for this opportunity?

Here you can find more information!

The deadline is 30 of May!


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