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The Glore Network organised the Erasmus+ training course “Remote Well,” bringing together organisations from all over Europe to discuss about the communication challenges during international volunteering projects. The project took place in Calabria, Italy, at a farm called “Fattoria L’arca” in Belvedere Marittimo.

During the course, participants took part in group activities to learn about how to overcome challenges regarding the communication between volunteers and organisations. The focus of the course was also about how to make the project promotion more efficient and how to write vacancies.

During the project and through the activities of the participants, some documents were created with guidelines and suggestions to improve their work. One of these concerns the process of writing the vacancy, the creation of the infopack and how to publish it on official portals to find potential participants for your project.

Read on to find out the result of these activities and how to download the document!

Checklist for the volunteering vacancy

One of the Training course outcomes is the creation of a checklist to guide organisations in creating effective project vacancies.

It outlines what information should be included in project descriptions and in the infopack, to attract the right volunteers.

This checklist helps organisations highlight their project’s objectives, required skills, and desired qualifications, making it easier for potential volunteers to understand what the project is and whether they are a good fit.

This was also the result of a series of group activities.

Participants engaged in discussions, sharing insights and experiences on what they think is essential for effectively promoting volunteering projects.

They discussed topics such as creating informative infopacks, the process that they use when they have to promote a project and in general about their organizations’ experiences.

Through these discussions, participants identified key elements that contribute to successful project promotion, including clear project objectives, desired skills, and engaging project descriptions.

Do you want to know more?

Are you part of an organisation and interested in finding out more about this topic?

The document is now available online for organisations to download and use.


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