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The Climacy project focuses on promoting sustainability and environmental education by teaching teachers, trainers, and educators how to educate students about sustainability and inspire them to address climate change.

The project aims to create more sustainable education by involving teachers, educators, children, and local communities to build a sustainable future.

The team realised that stronger connections between communities and schools are also needed.

Therefore, the organisation with this project wants to support long-lasting partnerships between local schools and their communities to promote valuable learning experiences.

The objectives

The main objectives identified to work on were:

  • Young people are not very aware of climate change.
  • Youth and educators lack motivation to find solutions and opportunities related to climate change.
  • Teachers and tutors need better ways to encourage young people to engage in green activities and adopt environmentally friendly

The aims of the project

The aims of Climacy project are to:

  • Increase youth and educator engagement in order to find solutions to the opportunities and problems brought about by climate change
  • Analyse best practices and methods of teaching and training for teachers and tutors in order to keep the youth motivated through environmentally friendly behaviours and green activities

How to achieve the goals

The project aims to expand the European network and activities by strengthening cooperation within the partnership, transforming it into a formal organisation network dedicated to the topic.

Additionally, collaboration with external stakeholders will be developed during and after the project’s completion.

Moreover, environmental education fosters a feeling of belonging and unity by engaging with the community.

When students choose to learn more or take steps to enhance their surroundings, they contact community specialists, sponsors, helpers, and local establishments to unite the community in recognising and dealing with environmental problems affecting their area.

The activities

The activities the organisation implemented during the project are:

  1. Project Management: This included managing and coordinating tasks, organising and participating in meetings, controlling the budget and time, monitoring and evaluating the project, and handling communication and dissemination.
  2. E-book Development: They created an e-book with resources on sustainability and environmental issues. Topics included recycling and waste management, sustainable food management, and reducing carbon footprints.
  3. International Activity: This aimed to give the target group skills and knowledge to share locally. Participants played an active role by creating workshops on environmental issues and finding solutions.
  4. Dissemination: They developed and implemented a plan to spread information about the project activities and results. This included setting up channels for dissemination and creating promotional materials.

Do you want to know more?

So, would you like to know more about Climacy project and its results? Visit the project result portal!


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