Celebrating ErasmusDays: A Call to Action for Youth Organisations



The ErasmusDays is an annual celebration of the Erasmus+ programme, spanning six days globally. It’s an opportunity for organisations involved in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps to showcase their projects, emphasising the programme’s benefits and fostering new connections.

How to Participate

Organisations are encouraged to host digital or in-person events, such as seminars, language sessions, photo exhibitions, or social media challenges, with a special focus on sports this year, inspired by the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

Register your event on the official ErasmusDays website to ensure visibility and use the hashtag #ErasmusDays to share on social media.

Engage and Explore

Participating in ErasmusDays allows organisations to display ongoing projects, establish new partnerships, and connect with others passionate about international mobility. Explore and join local or online events to broaden your network and gain fresh insights.

Resources and Support

For detailed information and resources, visit the official ErasmusDays website. The site offers answers to common questions, guidance on event organisation, and comprehensive details on the benefits and opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ programme.


ErasmusDays is a pivotal event for promoting the diverse opportunities and advantages of the Erasmus+ programme. By participating, organizations can forge new partnerships, share experiences, and inspire others about international opportunities. Get involved and make a significant impact in your community and beyond.


  • Organise and register events
  • Use #ErasmusDays on social media
  • Visit the official website for more details

Join the celebration and contribute to the global impact of Erasmus Plus!

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