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The Quality Label for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering certifies that an organisation can conduct high-quality solidarity activities, adhering to the principles, objectives, and requirements of the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps.

This certification ensures that participating organisations maintain the highest standards in their humanitarian efforts, promoting effective and impactful volunteer activities.

In this article, we will explore the importance of the Quality Label, the criteria for certification, and the benefits it brings to organisations and volunteers alike.

The different types

There are two main types of Quality Labels for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering:

  • Support role: This involves helping participants before they leave, mediating between them and their host organisations, and providing support when they return. Organisations with this role can also submit project applications and coordinate partnerships for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering projects.
  • Host role: This covers all activities related to hosting a Solidarity Corps participant. It includes creating a program for the participant’s activities and providing guidance and support throughout their time with the organisation.

How does it works?

The requirements to get the Quality Label depend on the type you are applying for. The National Agencies handle the selection process, which includes three main stages: submitting the application, assessment, and awarding the label.

Applications for the Quality Label can be submitted at any time. Organizations fill out the parts of the application relevant to the roles they want to play. The National Agency reviews the applications based on eligibility, selection, and award criteria.

To ensure quality standards, the National Agency may conduct monitoring visits, formal checks, or other activities. These checks can be desk reviews or visits to the organisation. The National Agency might also get help from other agencies or external experts to assess applications.

The Quality Label is valid for the entire programming period, as long as the organisation continues to meet the requirements. It remains valid until the end of the last activity the organization is involved in, funded by the current programming period. National Agencies will monitor and reassess compliance periodically.

Organisations without a Quality Label for lead roles can still act as partners in projects, but they cannot apply for funding. To help find partners, profiles of all organizations with a Quality Label are published in a database.

Once an organisation gets the Quality Label Humanitarian Aid, they can access the European Solidarity Corps Portal to publish volunteering opportunities. They must use the portal’s database to find potential participants. Information in the database is based on the Quality Label application form.

The requirements

The requirements for obtaining the Quality Label are:

  • Quality Label for Support Role:
    • International organisations;
    • Any organisation legally established in an EU Member State or a third country associated with the Programme.
  • Quality Label for Host Role:
    • Any organisation operating in regions of third countries where humanitarian aid activities and operations take place;
    • Regions must have no ongoing international or non-international armed conflicts.

How to participate?

If you need more information or you want to apply, visit the official website!

Deadline: organisations can apply at any time. However, to participate in the Humanitarian Aid Volunteering projects under the 2025 call, you must submit your application by September 24, 2024, at 17:00 (Brussels time).

Finally, for further details, please check the European Solidarity Corps Guide.


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