After publishing the ESC Guide 2020, Erasmus+ has published a corrigendum. The changes are related to Quality Label and Volunteering.


Under “What are the criteria used to assess a Quality Label” – Page 20:

Removal of “Duration – The whole duration of the programming period (2018-2020)”. The validity of the Quality Label is already covered under “How does it work” on page 16.


Under “Volunteering” – Page 24

NB: For individual volunteering activities, organisations involved as partners in projects need to be holding a valid Erasmus+ accreditation or Quality Label at the start of the activities they are involved in. It is especially important that they submit the application for Quality Label at least 2 months before the start of the activity. For application purposes, host organisations that will be identified in the application form will need to have at least submitted their Quality Label prior to the call deadline. In all cases, the applicant organisation must hold a valid Erasmus+ accreditation or Quality Label at the application deadline.


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