Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Youth Work

This manual was created during the project “Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Youth Work” – a seminar in November 2019 in Ligonchio, Italy.

It aims to:

  • Sensitize to gender education and its objectives
  • Share tools, strategies and best practices on how to tackle and overcome situations of gendered discrimination / violence in working with young people
  • Make youth centers, workshops and projects for young people more inclusive and safer.

The manual was drafted by the participants of the seminar and edited by Associazione P.E.CO.
It first explains why it’s important to be aware of gender and stereotypes when working with youngsters.
Then, it describes how to create a youth center more inclusive and safer for everyone.
It finally suggests some aspects to consider when doing a youth exchange, so that each participant feels comfortable with the group and the activities



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