E+, relevant increase for training courses per country

E+, relevant increase for training courses per country

The National Agencies have been notified the breakdown by country of the allocations for the Erasmus+ programme and the conclusions are pretty positive.

Taking as example the Italian National Agency, what we could see is that there was an overall increase of budget in every field of the programme. The total budget allocated for Italy amounts to EUR 12.767.615, out of a total of EUR 3.019.506.507 (as per the Erasmus+ annual work programme 2019).

What is most interesting though is the breakdown of the fund by field. A part from the overall increase, in fact, we could observe an increase especially for the training courses. Whereas in 2018 the funds allocated accounted for EUR 1.602.711, in 2019 they will reach EUR 2.204.784 – an increase of over 37%.

Soon afterwards, the most relevant increase is the one relating to KA1 projects. In 2018, they were funded by EUR 5.634.305; in 2019, the sum amounts to 7.349.278 – over 30% more.


For youth exchanges, there was an increase of nearly 28%, passing from EUR 4.031.594 in 2018 to EUR 5.144.495 in 2019. Regarding all the rest of activities, the general increase stays slightly over 22%.

On average, we could estimate an increase of nearly 28% (27,85%, to be more accurate) from 2018 to 2019.

Whether this growth applies also all the other countries at the same rates, is of course up to the National Agencies – without prejudices to the limits set by the European Commission.

The criteria for setting out the available amount by country follows the guidelines as stated in the annual work programme (see p. 122), that are:

  • a) Country Population (Eurostat latest update: 09/04/2018);
  • b) Cost of Living (Eurostat latest update EU 28: 19/12/2017; latest update EU-3 (EFTA): 19/02/2018);
  • c) Distance between capitals (Ephemeride latest available data; date of extraction 03/04/2014);
  • d) Performance


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