ESC, the strange breakdown per country of the budget

ESC, budget and country allocation available

The annual work programme for the implementation of European Solidarity Corps was released on 26 November 2018. It provides all the main information about the programme replacing the EVS (European Voluntary Service), including some interesting details.

The total budget for 2019 accounts for EUR 142,274,568. There will be public procurements – calls for tenders and framework contacts – and grants – financed by “lump sums, reimbursement on the basis of unit costs and flat rate financing” (see p. 16).

The total allocation of the budget can be seen at p. 35 of the work programme. What is remarkable is the amount reserved to the insurance, higher than ever (over 6 million) and, the one reserved to trainings (over 20 billion), both for “general online training” and “specific training for participants in cross-border activities”.

The breakdown by country for the allocation of funds for grant support (indirectly managed by the National Agencies) was laid down according to the following criteria:

  • country population (accounting for a minimum of 20%, the final value depends on the cost of living);
  • cost of living (accounting for 25%);
  • distance between capitals (accounting for 25%);
  • performance (accounting for 25%, depends on the outputs “realised in 2014 and 2015 in the mobility activities in the field of youth adjusted to take into account population, cost of living and distance between capitals”).

Here in the tab below, the breakdown in more detail.


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