EUROTUREC Study Visit in Milan on Good Practices in the Field of Volunteering

study visit italy

When: 19th – 23rd of April 2022
Where: Milan, Italy
What: Study Visit on good practises in the field of volunteering
Whom: 6 participants from Turkey and 4 from the EU
Deadline to apply: 21st of March 2022.

This study visit has been envisioned to promote the exchange of good practices and the creation of new partnerships between Civil Society Organisations (CSO) active in the field of volunteering.

Participants’ profile:

The Study Visit is addressed to members with a decision-taking power within Civil Society Organisations with a  that are active or very interested in:

  1. the recognition of CSOs at public and institutional level;
  2. the management of volunteers and the implementation of innovative volunteering programmes;
  3. the implementation of specific measures to help volunteers and young people to recognize their learning process and eventually to certify it;
  4. the establishment of long-term cooperation between Turkish and European CSOs;
  5. being actively involved in the next steps of the project and in future cooperation with the other CSOs.

Contents of the Study Visit:

The Study Visit will last for 5 days (arrival the 19/4/2022 and departure the 23/4/2022). At the beginning of the Study Visit participants will share expectations and contributions, will get to know each other, and break the ice using non formal education activities, thus fostering the creation of a cooperative and proactive group environment. Then we will visit at least 5 CSOs discovering good practises and establishing new partnerships.

Both the participants and the visited organisations will get an explanation of the GloRe Certification System and will be asked to contribute and participate in the process.

Tasks of the participants:

  • Prepare a short presentation of your organisation in English,
  • Personally participate or involve another staff member of your organisation in a 4-hrs Online Technical Training to learn how GloRe works the in March 2022 (date/time to be defined),
  • Share at least 1 content about the project on the organisation’s social media channels.

Selection of participants:

To participate, fill out this  form.

The deadline for applications is the 21st of March 2022. All candidates will be informed about the selection process, while the ones in line with the call might be contacted for a short call, if needed. Interviews will be held on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Economic conditions:

100% of the costs related with travel, accommodation, Visa and Covid-19 tests will be covered by the Project. No participation or membership fee is foreseen.

Visa support:

Turkish participants will be helped in the Visa process by the Italian partner Associazione Joint and the Turkish partner, the Antalya EU Centre, if the process starts in due time.

Covid-19 measures:

All participants will need to have the “Reinforced” Green Pass, thus will need to have completed the full vaccination course and/or to have been infected over the last 6 months. The project will cover the costs for all the needed Covid tests. However, the final status and requirements will be clarified at a closer date to the study visit since Covid-19 related measures may change.

Brief Info About the Project, the Certification Platform and The GloRe Network:

The project: Euro-Turkish Civil Society Recognition (EUROTUREC):

“EUROTUREC” (ref num. CSD-VI/372) is supported by the EU Programme “Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Scheme (CSD-VI)”. The aim of the Program is to foster cooperation between the Turkish and European Civil Society.

EUROTUREC is the follow-up of GloCal Recognition (CSD-V/397) and it aims at fostering the recognition and establish long-term cooperation between Turkish and European CSOs.

The main concrete objectives are:

1- reinforce partnerships and create concrete support to foster cooperation opportunities between Turkish and European CSOs;

2- further development of certification-and-support tools for volunteers and CSOs’ staff;

3- train organisations’ key members in volunteers’ management, networking and project development;

4- increase the number of CSOs and of young people benefitting from the GloRe system and network;

5- reinforce the network internal governance fostering a sense of belonging and reliability;

6- boost the recognition of involved CSOs and the civil society ecosystem through activities of analysis, networking and dissemination.

The Certification platform

It is a certification platform that allows both international and local volunteers to receive a certificate with recognition of the soft skills they acquired while volunteering.

The latest version of the platform, launched in March 2021, enables users to get a certificate either in English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Volunteers have the possibility to go through 26 e-learning modules that help them in assessing their level in each soft skill (the ones certified by the platform) and in creating a short dossier about their learning. At the end of the process, the host organisation will validate the certificate, taking responsibility for approving the information on it. The platform is complementary to other certifications as Youthpass and is meant to provide volunteers with a flexible and reliable certificate while investing a few hours in it. The certificate is recognised internationally by the members of The GloRe Network international community and by several educational and public institutions.

The GloRe Network

The GloRe Network is the umbrella organisation that overviews the correct usage of the platform and the memberships. Organisations need to become members of it to be able to use the certificate platform. For more information visit this page.


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