Report on the Outcomes of Erasmus+ Projects

report outcomes erasmus projects

A new report by the European Commission showcases findings from the Erasmus+ programme, and explains the outcomes with successful educational approaches towards learning for environmental sustainability.

Report on the Outcomes of Erasmus+ Projects

According to the new study, there have been thousands of Erasmus+ projects with focus on environmental sustainability between 2014 and 2020.

Education and training plays a crucial role in helping people understand and act on environmental sustainability. For this reason, the European Commission supports actions which work towards this goal.

The study report summarises the main findings of 15 case studies over 120 projects judged to be best practices projects. They show how transnational teams come together to explore environmental challenges of common European and global concern. The report also highlights how follow-up activities in local communities have emerged from Erasmus+ projects, inspiring communities with small, bottom-up group actions towards longer-term change.

Environmental Sustainability

If you are interested in environmental sustainability and how the sectors of education and training can take action to respond to the climate emergency, you can download here the report and get inspiration!

And if you want to see what else the European Commission is doing on education and environmental sustainability, then don’t hesitate to check out this page!

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