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The GloRe Certification System is the successful result of the cooperative work, off an international partnership, now at the disposal of NGOs and youth organisations. As a tool, it represents an easy and professional way for people who undertook a local or international volunteering experience to certify skills and competences that came along with volunteering.

The International Network

GloRe Certification System results from the cooperation of an international network. It is indeed available for any organisation worldwide to join the network and use the system to certify their volunteering activities.

Joining the network is free (after the first year of use you need to confirm your subscription). Furthermore, each organisation asking to become a partner must respect the Quality Standards and use the Certification System responsibly. How? Here are the few steps to go through.

After contacting the network, you will get in touch with the Committee to see if your organisation is eligible, to make sure that you understand the system, to check your documents and answer any question you may have.

Join the Network

First step: Contact Us 1. Fill Out The Form

We are curious to discover all the great things your organisation does!

The quality of the service we provide is fundamental. To achieve the highest results we need to make sure that all our partners match the professional requirements we ask in order to use our system. The Network is open without limitations. However, the applying organisations must:
– Respect The GloRe Quality Charter;
– Be recommended by a member of the GloRe Network
– Fill the application form and send it to GloRe Network Quality Committee;
– Use the Certification System in the Trial Period;
– Officially enter in The GloRe Network during the Annual Statutory Meeting
Further Steps: Online Interview and Final Details2. Online call to establish a personal relationship with the Quality Committee

We will go through the certification system together and explain the rules required to stay in our network. We will make sure that you understand that our system is designed to:
– provide volunteers a certificate that values their non-academic competencies;
– enhance personal esteem through the self-assessment and the validation of the soft skills by the Host Organisation;
– help the volunteers to valorise their experience to potential employers;
– help the volunteers and the organisations to plan the learning process to get to know each other better;
– provide each organisation and the network with measures and feedbacks on the impact we have in the communities and in the volunteers.

About the Certification System

The Certification System is the best way to give value to your organisation. In fact your volunteering activities receive an official certification that can be used by your past and ongoing volunteers. The certification is of a great value for those skills and competences earned throughout a volunteering experience. Their value, especially in the labour market, is worldwide recognised and a crucial way to boost the CV.

The certification process goes through e-learning modules, each one referring to a soft-skill to certify. The soft-skills are those non-technical and interpersonal skills that go along with hard-skills. They include, for example, how to interact with colleagues, how to solve problems, and how to manage work.

The certificate issue needs an official validation by the host organisation and it can refer only to volunteering programs that lasted 3 months or more.

How to Join In

As an organisation or NGO you might be eligible to join the international network of GloRe Certification System. The first step to do so is contacting GloRe directly. What are you waiting for? Become a GloRe partner now!

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