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A new online training is available on S.A.L.T.O. Youth. Asfar CIC is an NGO with the aim of provide development opportunities for young people, women and their wider communities over Europe, the Middle East & North Africa, the Caucasus, and the Balkans. Their activities focus on reconciliation for development, professional development, sport for peace, volunteering, a youth-led e-Journal, educational and skills development programmes, cultural learning, and Youth Exchanges.

Online Training

Among their activities, Asfar CIC has launched the online training “RESOLVE: Peace Camps” that will take place from March 29th to April 8th 2021. The “RESOLVE: Peace Camps” online training is a skills development & dialogue activity where young community change-makers and local peace-builders address the societies’ social intolerance throughout Europe.

It is for youth leaders a useful way to learn and put into practice their ability to represent themselves toward decision-makers, develop their conflict resolution skills, and ensuring young people are leading community unification as social action leaders and change-makers, with the reality of a new era.

Goals of the Online Training

The objectives the online training aim to reach are:

  • Promote youth leaders’ views on key socio-economic-political issues in our world today;
  • Youth leaders understand the role of their countries’ and the EU’s democratic processes;
  • Youth leaders learn about Social Action, Civic Responsibility & Citizenship;
  • Learn to support youth-led social action through the supported organisation of events;
  • Inter-Youth and decision-makers debate for peace seminars and activities;
  • Youth leaders engage with decision-makers to address social intolerance and community xenophobia;
  • To analyse Social Action, civic responsibility and citizenship promotion in the work with youth;
  • To receive inputs from youth worker on encouraging youth participation in the RESOLVE: Network – specifically in its governance, chairing of meetings and leading a peace network;
  • Wider skills include: Leadership; Team Building; Communication; Social Awareness; as well as several wider EU Key Competencies.

The Schedule

The online training will take place from March 29th to April 8th 2021, for two weeks seeing 3 different meetings. Each meeting will last approximately 3 hours.

Week I – 29th and 31st March2pm (UK time)Getting to know each other and developing effective communication skills
How to share stories and the basics of digital storytelling in the framework of sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Week II – 6th to 8th April2pm (UK time)Engaging with local communities and tackling social problems young people face
RESOLVE Network Meeting with former ‘Resolvers’ coming from 13 different countries


Each participants has to attend all the meeting as during each sessions there will be workshops. It is necessary also to have a working camera and microphone.

The target group for this online training are young youth leaders, youth workers, team leaders etc, but will be open for everyone as it is an online event, everyone who is affected by conflict, or frustrated by decision-makers and interested in becoming a future leader. In particular, we welcome participants from more diverse backgrounds to participate.

The course is open to participants from the UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Turkey, Spain, Hungary and Cyprus, but applications from other Erasmus+ Programme and Partner countries are also taken into consideration.

The course officiale language is English.

How to Apply

To apply for the online training, go to the link for application. The deadline to apply is March 23rd 2021.

More information are available on the project’s website.

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