“I am Europe”: share a photo and fly to Brussels

Girl standing next to a blue network, looking at the horizon. It is a photo for the Campaign I am Europe.

Source: youthforeurope.eu

The European Parliament launched Instagram competition “I am Europe”: share your photo and win a trip in Brussels, to the open day of the European Parliament, on May 4th.

Old man wearing hat, standing in the street. It is a photo for the Instagram competition I am Europe.
Credits: Rareș Gheorghiu on Instagram

The idea behind the contest is that Europe is, and will always be, about all of us. A point that, according to the Parliament, is important to remind expecially now, with the European elections (planned for May 23rd – 26th) closer and closer.

Every day, in fact, we publish our photos on social media, sharing pieces of our lives, that, from this point of view, are also pieces of the life of Europe.

Who can participate?

To participate “I am Europe” contest you need to be at least 18-year-old, live in one of the EU countries (UK included), own the copyrights of the photo, have a public account on  Instagram.

Credits: The Street Chronicle on Instagram


The rules are quite simple and consist of 3 steps:

  • Share a photo of yourself or someone special to you and tell the story behind it;
  • When posting the photo, use the hashtag #iameurope and tag @europeanparliament;
  • Subscribe to the European elections platform: thistimeimvoting.eu


Among all the published photos, there will be only 6 winners.

Credits: Rareș Gheorghiu on Instagram

5 will be chosen by the platform;

1 will be chosen by users: every day, in fact, the Instagram account of the European Parliament will share the best photos. The one that will get more “likes” will be the winner.

The winning photos, and the other best (but not winning) photos, will be part of an exhibition during the Open day of May 4th.


You have time until April 1st 2019, at 12.00 (time of Brussels)

To know more, download “Citizen’ App”, developed by the European Parliament, on your Smarphone: learn about this and much more opportunities and news.


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