Project results: “Be your country” manual


The seminar “Be your country – Deconstructing culture in (international) youth work and non-formal education” concluded with the writing of a manual on the meaning of nationality and culture within international exchange projects. The seminar, organized by Österreich’s International Civil Service, was held online from December 3 to 9, 2021.

During the seminar youth workers and staff from volunteer organizations from across Europe examined the work we do when we culturalize nonformal education programs, energizers, support and training facilities, and leisure activities. The jointly written manual aims to create a set of alternative approaches that, instead of emphasizing human differences, shine a spotlight on what brings us together and makes us equal.

The publication was edited by Sima Jakob and Thomas Schallhart, who facilitated the workshop.

You can download the manual here: BE YOUR COUNTRY! Manual


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