Project Result: eADULTS | Exchange of good practices


The project “eADULTS | Exchange of good practices to promote virtual education among adult people through electronic platforms” firstly conducted a survey that showed how:

  • more than 60% of educators face difficulties in continuing their studies through electronic platforms during the pandemic.

Starting from that, eADULTS collected the best practices of virtual, online and remote education activities for educators and teachers.


The Project

The Covid crisis has showed how the field of education is not 100% prepared to face a virtual, online and/or distance teaching model. This is especially notable in adult education, as this target shows to be less-skilled when it comes to digital competences.

This was the starting point of this “Exchange of good practices for promoting virtual education among adult people through electronic platforms” (eAdults), which arose from the need to seek, identify and evaluate which were the most effective educational platforms and methods in a context of virtual teaching for adults.

The objective was achieved through an exchange of best practices between Bulgaria, Italy,
Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Due to this, the entities that are part of this project were able to increase their knowledge in the field of virtual education and electronic platforms in the field of education (specially among adult people).

The following activities were carried out:

  • Context Analysis | A questionnaire was designed to identify which platforms
    were the ones that students and educators had used the most during the
    confinements, as well as how their experience had been using these platforms
    and if they considered face-to-face or virtual education to be better.
  • Mapping Best Practices | A template was designed to identify good practices in
    virtual adult education that have happened during lockdowns and the
  • Transnational Workshop | Based on the context analysis and the mapping of
    good practices, a virtual workshop was designed where the different functionalities of the platforms in non-formal education activities were put into practice. At the end of the workshop, the participating students and educators evaluated each of the platforms and gave their final verdict.

Project Results

eAdults have generated evidence for other educational entities (or dedicated to the field of education), so they can develop new, alternative and effective virtual teaching activities tailored to the needs of educators and adult students. At the same time, this project serves as an initial step for the partner organisations to continue researching on online, virtual and distance education.

See the results below:
Good practices in virtual adult education
Results of the survey
How the project started

Project partners:
Associazione di promozione sociale Joint
Universidad de Salamanca
Rosto Solidario
SAFE Project
Regionlne Centrum Wolontariatu

Co-financed by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union.


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