SALTO Awards 2021: Nominations Open!

salto awards 2021

It is that time of the year to vote for SALTO Awards, 2021 edition.

S.A.L.T.O Youth is the resources center that promotes and supports youth work by offering trainings, tools and state-of-art strategies. The online platform works within the Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps programmes. The network is made of seven resource centers working on European priority areas within the youth field.

SALTO-YOUTH provides non-formal learning resources for organisations dealing with youth across Europe and support their work with trainings, together with the help of National Agencies.

SALTO Awards 2021

The SALTO Awards 2021 are a recognition to the work done and also an occasion to inspire young people, decision makers and applicants of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps to have a greater impact.

The vote goes to a project that you reckon as of great impact, considering the following areas:

  • Digital transformation: evolving integration of digital technologies into the society and youth field;
  • Environment and climate action: towards a Sustainable Green Europe with the power of youth;
  • Media and Information literacy: promoting critical thinking and media literacy to foster youth participation;
  • Solidarity and volunteering: changing Europe for the better with “the power of together”;
  • Youth participation: shaping Europe’s democracy through youth engagement, connection, and empowerment.

Who Can Nominate a Project

The following persons and bodies can nominate a project of choice:

  • Project team members and participants: individuals who have been part of or led any relevant projects;
  • National Agencies: the National Agencies of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps;
  • Public institutions and stakeholders: public bodies (e.g local municipalities, youth centres, schools, etc), decision-makers who have implemented, funded or facilitated project or its processes;
  • Organisations: organisations, movements and groups who have led projects on relevant topics.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Nominated

Every project has to have the following characteristics:

  • Be actively progressing within this year with main activities finishing by the end of October 2021. Initiation and finishing stages can be outside 2021 frame;
  • Produce tangible outcomes that make it possible to multiply its impact beyond the direct participants;
  • Produce clearly identified intangible results including relevant learning outcomes to the different actors involved;
  • Have a long-term impact – sustainable and replicable (with necessary adaptations);
  • Come from Erasmus+ or/and European Solidarity Corps Programme countries and partner countries (Regions 1-4);
  • Be funded by Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps or any other programme/source.

See the full details about the SALTO Awards 2021, including how to get extra points for your project, and to discover more about the organisers and juries.

Nomination: How It Works

The timeline of the nomination goes from June 15th to September 30th 2021. It is necessary to submit your project through a form. Remember to address the specific criteria for your category.

The evaluation will happen on 1-31st October 2021, while on November 1st you will receive an email if your project goes in shortlisting. The SALTO Awards 2021 ceremony will then happen on November 11th live stream.

The prizes provide 700,00 euros for the winning project in each category, plus a place for your project in the
Flagships Projects Collection, plus a promo-video about your project on SALTO networks.

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