SCALE UP | A learning module on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


SCALE UP | A learning module on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The Scale-Up project has successfully launched four innovative online training modules designed to enhance the soft skills crucial for thriving in today’s job market. This initiative brought together 20 young participants from Italy, Lithuania, and Spain, running from November 2023 to January 2024. Supported by the Erasmus+ program under the Small-Scale Cooperation Partnerships, the project featured lectures and study materials developed with the help of external experts.


Each lesson in the course, along with additional materials like games, activity suggestions, and insightful tips, has been compiled into four comprehensive toolkits. These resources are invaluable for educators, teachers, and youth workers looking to explore soft skills or seeking inspiration for their own non-formal educational projects.


Critical thinking and problem-solving are essential skills for personal and professional success. The toolkit developed during the Scale-Up project focuses on these key areas, offering a range of theoretical and practical resources designed, first of all, to clarify the differences and the diverse applications of these 2 skills, but also to improve these abilities in learners of all ages, but with a special attention to young people who need to develop these skills for the labour market. The toolkit includes tools to analyse problems and to find ways to solve them, like the PESTEL Analysis and the Fishbone diagram. Furthermore, you can also find suggestions on how to identify the bias of your thinking system, as well as exercises to train your critical thinking.

By working through these materials, learners will develop the ability to analyse information, make informed decisions, and tackle complex problems with confidence.

Download the Toolkit on Critical Thinking of SCALE-UP.

The toolkit is not only a valuable resource for students but also for educators and youth workers who aim to foster these skills in their programs. It can be a useful tool to develop activities into various educational settings, from classrooms to after-school programs. Additionally, it includes tips on how to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving in everyday situations. This toolkit is an excellent way to prepare young people for the challenges of the modern world, helping them to become more effective and innovative thinkers.


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